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K-Force has, besides its 15+ years experience, its own workshop.
By the years, K-Force has become a reference in the region and around as a very qualitative and mainly very honest with its customers. This local workshop is equipped with the latest tools and technologies. A very competent team of technicians keeps themselves busy with PCs, Macs, printers, etc... on a daily basis.


Some of our daily tasks

  • Datatransfer from your old PC/Mac to your new PC/Mac
  • Hard drive clone (data from your old HDD to your new HDD) in case your old hard drive has a default
  • Get your lost or deleted data back
  • Virus delete
  • PC boost
  • Backup creation and configuration
  • ...


Our strength

  • We welcome you in 3 differents languages
  • We are experts in PC/Mac
  • We are independant and thus not linked to a group
  • Fast service
  • Honest diagnostics
  • Before we work on your material, we automatically create a backup of your data
  • Your entered material is registered to prevent any loss
  • K-Force has acquired more than 10 years of experience in different reparation techniques
  • K-Force is one of the few organisations that is even able to repair laptops, screen hinges, charging connectors and other difficult hardware problems can be fixed.


Your computer is beyond repair? Then you only pay the cost of analysis.
the costs are higher than € 80, you will be called to obtain your agreement.
If you want to advance the price of your repair, you can request a target price in our shop or by phone on 02 / 380.23.32.


Want to send us a device for reparation?
Please fill in the document by clicking here and send it with your device, completed with a maximum of information.
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More info? 02 380 23 32 or contact us