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The last few weeks, our K-Force helpdesk team received again several reports of customers considering unwanted e-mails (SPAM), sent by thirt parties. These e-mails usually request personal information and sometimes contain links to fraud websites. It is not always easy to distinguish them from secure e-mails.   If: Unknown sender The content of the e-mail is not clear The e-mail looks unprofessional (bad use of phrases... Read more...
You may also have been beaten up with it: from may 25th the new GDPR legislation will come into effect.   If GDPR still doesn’t bell a ring, then you must have been living on another planet the last months. GDPR has become a hot topic that lives is most boardrooms. Whether everyone exactly knows what this new European directive means, however, is highly doubtful. In many organisations there are still lots of people... Read more...
K-Force welcomes 2 new people within its team. Christel will join the administrative team as management assistant and Thierry Verbouw joins the team of Proximus Account Managers.     Thanks to Thierry & Christel we will be able to give you even better service.
K-Force receives the highest label at Proximus and can proudly call itself Proximus Platinum Partner. We hope to be able to serve you even faster and better thanks to this new partnership.   K-Force is also Proximus ICT Expert, which is "the" label for the experts within the sector.