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Boost your PC with an SSD!

Tired of waiting for your PC?

There once was HDD... Hard Disk Drive. This used to be the standard for hard disks. This is the place where you store all your documents and applications. Because this is the only part with moving objects within (disk, arm, ...), this has always been the slowest part of a computer, and you computer is as fast as the slowest part of the chain. An SSD (Solid State Drive) works differently because it has no moving parts in it. This makes it much more faster, but also much more stable and safer.


An SSD is adviced when you want to fasten your computer. Notebooks and tower PC become much faster when they work with an SSD instad of an HDD. The computer boots faster and apps will work faster. This is also the ideal solution when you want to give your old computer a 'second life', for a relatively low cost. This also works with most Apple computers.

User test show us that a computer which is equiped with aan SSD, works approximately 3 to 5 times as fast, depending on the model we upgrade.

SSD's exist in different sizes, from 120GB to 2TB and even more.


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