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K-Force is GDPR-ready! Are you?

You may also have been beaten up with it: from may 25th the new GDPR legislation will come into effect.
If GDPR still doesn’t bell a ring, then you must have been living on another planet the last months. GDPR has become a hot topic that lives is most boardrooms. Whether everyone exactly knows what this new European directive means, however, is highly doubtful. In many organisations there are still lots of people, also within the management, who do not realize that as from May 25th they will bear a great responsibility in the daily use of personal data.
It continues to amaze how nonchalantly, in some organizations, sometimes very confidential data is used. The reason is that until now there was no control whatsoever. Contrary to popular belief in the media, the legislation is not new. It is a European directive that replaces the 1995 data protection directive. In doing so, it has always been stated that you must be fully GDPR-compliant from 25 May 2018 onwards. But that too is not entirely correct because in fact this should have already been the case on 25 May 2016. This two-year period was foreseen to give everyone the time to adapt accordingly. With the increasing digitization, this legislation from 1995 has been systematically adjusted to be finalized in 2016. The new deadline that is now due is actually set to be able to carry out inspections or to file a complaint about possible violations.
Now that companies risk fines up to 4% of their annual turnover, they are starting to make efforts to comply themselves.
Because this legislation mainly concerns the way in which (personal identification) data is handled, being an IT company, we’ve given the correct example and put ourselves through this exercise successfully. This way,w e know very well what is required to comply with the guidelines as well as possible.
We didn’t stop there. Ultimately, all companies and government organisations are concerned, and everyone already knows that by May 25th not everyone – including the authorities themselves – will be ready.
This is why we’ve decided to work out a “GDPR-ready” pack for our customers together with our legal partner, SUB ROSA LEGAL that covers all aspects of this legislation. 
In short, your company will be fully screened technically and legally and you will receive a comprehensive report that perfectly documents the strong points within your organisation, as well as the working points, in order to evolve in the direction of “GDPR-compliancy”.
So make sure you take advantage of this unique opportunity to keep your organization out of sight of the “GDPR-police” and at the same time prepare for a completely new and more transparent business process for data processing.


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