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K-Force is LG preferred partner


At K-Force, we focus more and more on Ultrawide (curved) monitors. Why? Because we work with them ourselves, and can't imagine working without them anymore. Our partner LG has a very good market position in ultrawides, so we made a partnership with them, in order to guarantee an even better after sales service and follow-up to our customers.


Now, why shoud you also consider working with a monitor like this? Lots of reasons actually, but here we'll list some of the key points:

  • Free Screen Split software: this software allows you to automatically resize windows on your personally predefined regions of the monitor. This way, you can easily view multiple windows in an orderly manner on the screen, which is perfect for multitasking!
  • Perfect for use in applications that require a lot of screen space: think of accounting software or Excel. Here, you can for example display up to 47 colums and 63 rows!
  • Standard built-in anti-eyestrain modes: this makes a huge difference at the end of the (working) day!
  • Standard built-in gaming mode, read mode, ...
  • On-screen control: the latest generation of monitors, now allows you to very easily customize the settings on screen, just with your mouse. This way, you don't need to use the - often clumsy - hardware buttons anymore.
  • Better color range: most of the monitors use the color space sRGB, which covers over 99% of the color spectrum.
  • Professional monitors often come with 3 year guarantee.

Screen Split 2.0