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DEVOLO Multiroom

A fast homenetwork using your wall outlet

The Multiroom WiFi Kit offers the fastest possible wifi throughout your home using your wall outlets. With our solution, you connect to WiFi in your cellar just as easy as in your attic or your garden. Thanks to the WiFi Move Technology, the reception on a large surface is always guaranteed: multiple adapters are automatically combined into one WiFi network.


To connect network end devices, the Multiroom Wifi Kit has two additional LAN connections. This way, you can connect a computer, television or game console directly through a network cable.



Without Devolo Multiroom WiFi Kit

Thick walls, impenetrable materials, long distances - in many homes, routers are blocked by lots of boundaries. As a result: a weak to poor WiFi signal and a bad mood.     



With Devolo Multiroom WiFi Kit 

By using the Multiroom WiFi Kit in your home, there are no longer boundaries - and thus, no annoying situations anymore. Enjoy a strong WiFi network with a super fast and extremely stable connection anywhere in your home.






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