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Think about your New Year's resolutions now and start the new year safely! We've created a poster with useful basic tips on how to recognize phishing for our customers. Download it now for free via the button below and share it with colleagues if you wish. Or display it e.g. in the conference room, at the coffee machine or in the canteen! Or why not on the toilet? Then this will definitely be read. Read more

Service and a positive customer experience are some of our most important spearheads. In order to further optimize that service to our customers, we strengthened our customer support team with a new colleague. Jordan was trained in record time in August to be ready for the usually extra busy September month (and of course also the months after 😊). In this short interview you can get acquainted. Read more

K-Force strengthens its technical customer support team

K-Force strengthens its technical customer support team
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K-Force strengthens its technical customer support team

We are taking a new and important step in the constant improvement of our services. In December we announced the reinforcement of our customer support team. Today, a few months later, it is our technical team’s turn. Steven joins us as technical team leader. Of the +/- 150 tickets per day that arrive at K-Force, about 70 are for the technical team, which has now grown to a team of 10 experts. So, there is definitely enough work to be done. We’ll let Steven do the talking.

What did you do before you joined K-Force?

Until about a year ago I lived on the west coast where my professional life also took place. I was manager of a youth hostel in Oostduinkerke for 22 years, most of my career. There I learned the tricks of the trade, including managing a team. That team usually consisted of 9 people. In addition, I was also responsible for the IT support of all Flemish youth hostels for more than 7 years.

I also worked as a salesperson in a multimedia department, where I gained even more knowledge about IT hardware and the different vendors.

Finally, most recently, I worked for a while as a manager of two restaurants after moving with my family to the province of Luxembourg. Depending on how busy it was, I was responsible for about 25 people.

How did you end up at K-Force?

For the last 10 years I have been working regularly on a freelance basis on K-Force projects. So I knew the company for some time and of course many colleagues already knew me. IT has always been a very strong interest of mine by nature, and over the years it has always been present in my jobs in an often very different sector.

Due to my move to Luxembourg, it suddenly became feasible to think of a full-time job at K-Force and to finally work in the IT sector, where my interests lie. All this ensured that the first working day went very smoothly.

What does your new job entail?

It is actually a combination of many skills that I have built up over the years. People management and IT knowledge come together perfectly here.

As a technical team leader, I review the incoming technical questions and ensure that they are followed up as quickly as possible by the best placed person within the technical team (helpdesk, field engineers and cloud engineers). Of course, I will also treat some of them myself. I will also further structure the way of working at the helpdesk and ensure that everything is followed up in a timely manner. It is also the intention to support the helpdesk and field team with extra coaching, so that the colleagues can help our customers even better individually.

Certain aspects of this job are currently being monitored by Geert and Fabien. The intention is that they will again have more time to focus on their own tasks.

What is important to you in your job?

Happiness at work is very important. And what mainly contributes to this are a positive group atmosphere and clear communication. As a team leader, I will actively participate in this daily. I would describe myself as a very social person, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all!

What keeps you busy in life?

My main hobby is… being busy with IT-stuff. (laughs)

But quality time with my family – I have a wife and two sons of 13 and 17 years old – is at least as important as making career or computer screens. Thanks to our move to Luxembourg, in the middle of nature and tranquility, and by leaving the catering sector behind, we now have more time in the weekends. For example, we can go more often on nature walks, with our dog Gizmo, a crossbreed of a chihuahua and a shih tzu.


Aren’t you going to miss the Westhoek too much?

Absolutely not! Besides my family and friends of course. But we have enough space in our house, which makes it easy for them to stay overnight.
No, the peace and nature that you have in the Ardennes cannot be compared with the touristic Belgian coast.


So, it seems that Steven has made two very good choices. We wish him a warm welcome and good luck! In the coming period, he will be extensively trained by various colleagues, and he will also extensively introduce himself to his colleagues.

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