Full cloud solution

Full cloud solution

Full cloud solution

Cloud expert providing you with service

210years of combined experience in IT

With 17 cloud experts, we guarantee the best possible service.

Your IT always available for a fixed price per user

Count on our high-performance cloud platform, equipped with unlimited resources and responding to the highest security standards in the Benelux. All employees have a complete and personal Windows environment to which they can connect at the same time, from anywhere, at any time and with any device.

No need to invest in expensive and quickly outdated infrastructure

We manage and maintain all cloud infrastructure so you no longer need to invest in new servers every few years, there will be no more costs for maintenance of those servers, nor for electricity or air-conditioned server rooms, etc.

Flexible and scalable

Thanks to our scalable and transparent solution, you only pay for the exact number of employees who need to work with a fully operational Windows desktop. If your company grows, your cloud will grow with you, without the hassle of having to invest in more infrastructure: we just add new users. If one day your company scales down, we will reduce the number of users so that as from the next month, billing will be adapted.

Top notch infrastructure

K-Force only works with datacenters that meet the highest possible security standards in the Benelux. As mentioned before, there's no need to have ultra-performant machines yourselves, because our platform is unlimited in resources. We permanently monitor the used disk space, memory and processor power. When any of these items hits the 80% usage benchmark, we will provide more disk space, memory and/or processing power. Of course this offer comes with a fair usage policy, but in normal evolving circumstances, we allocate the needed storage, memory and processor capacity your organisation needs in order for you to work comfortably.

Excellence in service

As our cloud services are managed and monitored on a daily basis by our team of engineers, you can rest assured about your IT. It is taken care of. By using our platform, there's no need to have ultra-performant machines yourselves, because our platform is unlimited in resources: we allocate the storage and processor capacity needed in order for you to work comfortably.

All-in-one solution


Fixed price per user


Top performance


24/7 monitoring


Always up to date & secured

More detailed advantages of our full cloud platform

Fully externalized cloud platform, the only one with the highest security standards in the Benelux. Hosting in two Belgian datacenters in parallel, with ISO / CEI 27001 certification.

Personal Windows environment for each user, which every user can access at the same time connect, from anywhere (with internet connection), at any time.

Device independent: PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone.

Optimal performance (computing power, storage, ...) thanks to unlimited resources.

Surf the web, upload and download at datacenter speed.

All licenses for Windows Server, remote desktop, Antivirus, Microsoft 365 are included in the offer. Every user always has the most recent version.

Daily full checkup and backup (retention 30 days) of the whole environment.

No more maintenance costs, no more problems nor responsibility regarding security of data (software, accounting, customer data, ...).

Installation, maintenance, updates and permanent monitoring of the entire infrastructure by our own technical team. This includes all servers, firewall and if desired also your local network.

Latest generation cloud firewall with the latest security updates. If you invest in a Watchguard Total Security license, you are equally protected against cryptolocker-viruses (the so-called “ransomware”). All communication between your local network and the cloud environment will be secured by a VPN connection.

Flexibility: adding or removing users can be done by a simple request to our technical team and is effective immediately.

For every application used in your organisation, we provide a separate application-server. In that way eventual maintenance or updates can be performed without any impact on the other applications, used within your company.

No need to invest in performant hardware

Since the cloud is doing all work, all you need is a basic computer and an internet connection. No need for ultra performant devices.

Microsoft 365 is integrated

The fixed monthly price per user also includes all Microsoft 365 applications and services, including (password) management with fast and professional support from our K-Force cloud engineers. Thanks to this solution, the purchase and maintenance of a mail server is no longer necessary. In addition, Microsoft 365 contains more extensive options than an on-premise solution. 

Microsoft 365 mail contacts calendar sync

E-mail, calendar and contacts in sync

Every user has access from anywhere, within the cloud environment AND outside of this environment. Every user has its own 50GB mailbox, his own calendar and his own contacts.
Microsoft 365 scheduling meetings

Scheduling meetings has never been easier

Consult calendars of colleagues in one overview, assign rights, immediately schedule appointments and (video) meetings (with Microsoft Teams), also for or with colleagues.
Microsoft 365 mailbox sync

Send professional e-mails

We will link your domain name to your e-mails. By default we will provide an e-mail address that is linked to the identity of your company (eg. firstname.lastname@yourcompany.com). Thanks to our advanced spam filter your inbox will only contain legitimate mails while the rest will be delivered into your spam folder.
Microsoft 365 the latest updates

You are sure to always have the latest updates

Get the latest features and capabilities with the always up to date versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Publisher and Access Pro for Windows. 1 license per user allows every user to install Microsoft 365 on a maximum of five PCs or Macs, five tablets and five smartphones. Moreover, new possibilities are being addes on a regular basis.
Microsoft 365 work together in Teams

Stay connected and work together as a team

Stay connected, organize video calls, and create a hub for teamwork and instant messaging between colleagues with Microsoft Teams and other useful collaboration tools.
K-Force Computer Solutions IT service partner

Count on K-Force for help and support in your own language

We take care of the initial configuration and installation of all devices. Moreover, you do not have to worry about further management: we manage users and passwords and you and your colleagues can always count on our professional helpdesk.

Training by an expert

VIP prioritized service

The cloud business contract offers you many benefits in terms of service
K-Force dedicated contact person

A dedicated contact person

For all commercial and technical questions about your IT and telecom.
K-Force IT management

Management of your IT

We enlist a complete inventory of your IT environment, your equipment, your different accounts and your passwords. We keep this information up-to-date to have it at your disposal, whenever needed.
K-Force remote sla

Remote SLA

Based on our type of partnership, we commit to an agreed Service Level Agreement.
Onsite SLA

Onsite SLA NBD

If you have an issue that needs to be resolved on-site, we guarantee to be there the next business day, and at a reduced rate.
K-Force direct contact with support

Direct contact with support

We provide you a direct contact by mail and by phone. Make use of our ticketing system and enjoy priority handling of all your requests.
K-Force VIP repair service

VIP repair service

All repairs are handled in express service (first priority) at no extra cost.
K-Force yearly technical check-up of your computers

A yearly technical check-up

Every year, we perform a complete technical check-up of your entire IT-park. The transport costs are included.
K-Force yearly IT inventory

A yearly inventory

Of all devices to guarantee excellent support.

How do we proceed?

We come on-site and analyze your everyday way of working in order to develop the concept of a tailor-made solution that will fit your needs best.
We make recommendations and a personal offer, based on your specific needs.
Presite: we perform a “presite-visit” to analyze your exact situation. That will enable us to make all the necessary preparations which will guarantee a smooth installation and configuration of the new environment.
Preparation: delivery and installation of the necessary hardware.
On the agreed date and time, all necessary installations and configurations will “go live”. This way we minimize the impact on your organisation’s workflow.
After the installation, we follow-up to make sure the provided solutions are working as expected.

Our team of account managers is ready to help you

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