Datacenter visit

Datacenter visit

Bezoek een datacenter

Tip for an impressive trip: visit a data center!

Do you use our cloud and would you like to know where your infrastructure and data are located and what it looks like?

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We are extremely proud of what we do and the state-of-the-art technology on which our cloud environments run. We are happy to share this passion with our customers and organize guided visits on a regular basis. During such a visit you will find out where and how the enormous amount of data is stored and exchanged securely. We give you a tour of the server rooms and show you which far-reaching security measures are taken to keep all data safe. You will also find out which systems are used to use energy as optimally as possible. Naturally, we find these visits extremely fascinating and impressive. But these tours are also adapted for those without an IT background. Interesting and relevant information is provided in understandable language for the SME. If desired, we can conclude and chat during a pleasant lunch.


The visits always take place in the morning.

09:45 welcome

10:00 start tour

12:00 lunch

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