IT security expert

IT security expert

Securing company data should be a top priority

Security is more than an antivirus

Hackers are inventive. Viruses and other threats are constantly evolving.

That is precisely why it is important to protect you as completely as possible against all these possible threats at all times.
What steps have you already taken towards securing your data? Have you already thought about centralizing the security of your IT park and having it proactively monitored?
K-Force has been doing this for its customers for years, and continues to closely follow the evolutions in the field of security.

IT security expert providing you with service

210years of combined experience in IT security

With 17 security experts, we guarantee the best possible service.

700 +
servers & devices monitored
56000 +
elements monitored
200 +
active firewalls
130 +
cloud backups checked daily

Build your human firewall
with our cybersecurity awareness platform

Despite all (much-needed) IT security, it is often an employee who clicks on a wrong link, opens an unsafe attachment or worse, enters payment or login details on a rogue website. People therefore pose a major threat to the integrity of (company) data, not to mention the costs associated with data recovery. Our platform combines automated phishing simulations with interactive cybersecurity education and powerful threat intelligence.

Cloud-powered MFA service to combat hacking

Telework is here to stay. As a result, many companies are faced with a new challenge: to outsmart the rising cybercrime. After all, a home worker is no longer safe behind the security perimeter of the office. In addition, it often happens that login data is stolen even within the company network, which is then exposed on the Dark Web. But with a simple extra step, we make it nearly impossible for a hacker to log in and steal your (company) data.

Centralized endpoint security

At K-Force we work with professional solutions that we can manage centrally and remotely.

Do you have a new device or an extra device? Everything can be centralized and remotely arranged, so you always stay up-to-date with regard to new security updates.

Even in the event of technical problems, we can intervene much faster.

Protection against cryptolockers

CryptoLocker is a ransomware type of malware that ‘holds’ files hostage by encrypting them (making them unreadable). The hacker tries to make the victim pay to get his files back. So, it is a matter of doing business with criminals with the risk of permanently losing your files.

We absolutely advise against paying for this, not only because even when you pay, you will never be sure that the encryption-software has been removed and won’t show up again.

A far better solution is to opt for our cloud antivirus solution, in combination with a preventive cloud backup.

State-of-the-art firewalls

By placing a firewall between your local network and the internet, you make it very difficult for hackers to penetrate your local network. A correct configuration is of course very important. This is of particular importance for companies with sensitive information on their computers or servers.

A useful function that our firewalls have is VPN (virtual private network). With VPN you can effortlessly connect two local networks via a secure connection over the internet. That way you can use the internet with confidence or connect to your company environment remotely.

If your employees regularly work from home, they are logically outside the secure company network. K-Force has the necessary knowledge and material to sufficiently secure the employee working from home.

Don’t let the security of your company data depend on good luck, and make a conscious choice with a solid firewall solution.

Pro-active monitoring

In short: thanks to monitoring, we see it as soon as, or better, before, something goes wrong, and can act accordingly.In addition, we ensure on a regular basis that all updates and safety patches are performed correctly.

What are the advantages of pro-active monitoring?

A whole team of security experts is responsible for the security of your environment.

Prevent problems through continuous measurements.

Automated patches and updates guarantee optimal security and continuity.

Less worries about the security of your company data and more focus on your own daily tasks.

How do we proceed?

We analyze your current infrastructure and make an optimization proposal for your devices, licences, etc.
Personalized offer based on your needs.
Delivery and installation of the necessary hardware.
Follow-up of your optimalization from A to Z and personalized communication to keep you informed.

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