Webdesign & marketing

Webdesign & marketing

Complete and affordable marketing services, tailored to the SME

Create and send emails to your lists with ease

Are you looking for a simple solution to easily and quickly send newsletters or general communication to your contacts? Look no further.

With our solution you can add contacts in batch in no time. The system automatically checks for duplicate or invalid addresses. Contacts can also unsubscribe automatically.
With the built-in wizard you can easily use a pre-made layout, compile a layout with the ‘drag-n-drop’ principle, or write and use your html code yourself. The linking and hosting of images is handled through the system.
Thanks to the built-in statistics, you can easily trace the reach of your mailing. For example, you can see where your readers are coming from, how many clicks you have generated, what exactly was clicked on, and so on.

Management via the cloud

• Secured connection
• No software required
• Access through any modern browser

User friendly

• No prior knowledge required
• Drag n drop editor
• Use pre-made layouts or create your own

Full contact management

• Import contacts in batch, the system checks for duplicate or invalid addresses

Segmentation & statistics

• Easily create segments and filter on them before sending
• Extensive statistics

Marketing services for SMEs

Webdesign is no longer an isolated entity. On the contrary, it has become one of the many parts of your marketing strategy.
With regard to marketing activities, K-Force actively cooperates with its partner DNA Marketing. The DNA Marketing team provides the perfect complement to our IT offering. Social media or online visibility in the form of a website or advertisements? These are just a few of the many things we can help your company with.

Allround partner

It is important to be able to continue to rely on your IT partner. You can rest assured at K-Force, also with regards to hosting your existing website, the emails linked to it, and so on. Because we know how important your online visibility is. We offer interesting all-in-one packs where we combine everything you need to have and keep your website online, now and in the years to come.

  • Hosting: the server capacity to store and the computing power to render the website, with a maximum uptime.
  • Domain name: the readable address on which visitors can reach your website (www.yourwebsite.com).
  • The right type of SSL certificate: a protocol for encrypting internet traffic and verifying server identity. This is needed for security reasons, but it is also an important requirement for the scoring algorithm of search engines like Google.
  • A professional and secured email address that is linked to your domain name (info@yourwebsite.com or yourname@yourwebsite.com). This is also part of our full and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Maintaining your website for a maximum lifespan to optimize your investment and to keep the chance of hacking as low as possible.
  • Cookies: the processing of cookies must be done correctly. We set this up for you, one less thing to worry about!

Some of our projects

Euro-M Flexible packaging new website
Sellerie MPM online horse accessories webshop
Roleco renovaties
WisselDirect website
We can provide you with more references upon request

Advantages of working with K-Force for your IT

We’re an engaged partner with focus on excellent support

We only work with the most trustworthy solutions and the most secured datacenters in the Benelux. We use all the solutions that we set up for customers ourselves. Our main goal is to have and keep every customer 100% satisfied. We are and will stay an SME, with no ambition to be the biggest, but the best, also in the service we provide to our customers.

We’re experts

Since 2017, K-Force is part of the select group of Proximus Platinum Partners in Belgium. On top of that, we have been acknowledged as Fastest Growing Partner in 2017, Best Voice Partner in 2019 and Best Connectivity Partner in 2020, IT Partner of the Year in 2021 and again in 2022. We have 210 years of combined experience in IT. Our employees are constantly being trained to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations. We work for various national and international customers in a very wide variety of sectors.

You have one single point of contact

With our team of dedicated telecom & IT colleagues, we always find an answer for all your questions. We focus on a good relationship with every customer and assign you with a fix contact person for your commercial, technical and telecom related questions.

Our team of account managers is ready to help you

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