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In addition to setting up a department specifically aimed at notaries, we are also taking an important step with our technical service. We are delighted to welcome our new colleague Shaun. Read more

Free tips to avoid phishing scams

Free tips to avoid phishing scams
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Free tips to avoid phishing scams

Think about your New Year’s resolutions now and start the new year safely!
We’ve created a poster with useful basic tips on how to recognize phishing for our customers. Download it now for free via the button below and share it with colleagues if you wish. Or display it e.g. in the conference room, at the coffee machine or in the canteen! Or why not on the toilet? Then this will definitely be read.

PS: don’t worry, you don’t need to give us your contact information!

PPS: last year we published a poster with basic cybersecurity tips. It is still available: click here. Together they’ll make a great addition to your office.

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