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A New K-Force – Our resolutions for 2024

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A New K-Force – Our resolutions for 2024

Welcome to a brand-new year! New in many aspects, as you may have read over the past months. We are ready and eager to share our resolutions with you.

As we bid farewell to the previous year, we enthusiastically welcome the new year at K-Force. First and foremost, we wish everyone a fantastic 2024 filled with prosperity and growth, both professionally and personally. At K-Force, our goal this year is to preserve and strengthen our essential assets.

Preserving our strengths

Our fantastic clients and our approach tailored to their needs have brought us to where we are today. Therefore, much remains the same in 2024. Never change a winning team!

  1. Our way of working: there are no major changes in both organization and work methods. We continue to be responsive, and your contacts remain the same, as do the ways to reach us.
  2. Helpdesk support team: the people on our helpdesk remain unchanged, ready to assist you both remotely and on-site.
  3. Account management team: our dedicated account managers continue to actively oversee their clients and projects, remotely and on-site.
  4. Management team: continuity is key at K-Force. Our management team in Sint-Genesius-Rode remains unchanged.
  5. Phone numbers: you can still reach us on the known phone numbers.
  6. Accessible office: our offices remain in Sint-Genesius-Rode as well. We continue to welcome clients with open arms because more than ever we believe in the power of ‘real-life’ communication.

Additional strengths

A new year brings new opportunities. As part of ClearMedia, we can now add some additional resolutions.

  1. Expansion to over 70 employees: our team is growing to over 70 experts, broadening our expertise to support you even better.
  2. Additional location in Antwerp: thanks to the acquisition, there is now an office in Deurne (Antwerp).
  3. Close collaboration with the Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC): we are forming a close partnership with the MIC, providing us with faster access to the latest trends and innovations.


We look forward to providing you and your colleagues the best ICT experience in 2024. Our commitment to the ultimate customer experience remains unchanged. Thank you for your trust; let’s build a promising future together.


Best regards,
Kurt and Geert Everaerts

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