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Modern workplace: new possibilities in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Training
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Modern workplace: new possibilities in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is evolving, and this has been gaining momentum, especially since the outbreak of the pandemic. Microsoft has once again announced some interesting novelties that we would like to share.

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Endpoint Transfer

Teams makes it easy to place and receive calls from several different endpoints, including desktop and mobile devices, but sometimes you need to move locations or devices to finish your call. The new endpoint transfer capability will allow you to seamlessly move your calls between different devices, such as from your laptop to mobile phone, without any interruption in call service or quality. Endpoint transfer will be available early next quarter.

New presenter mode

Microsoft Teams new presenter mode

Microsoft Teams is trying to make video calls a little less boring during the pandemic era of remote working with new presenter modes. These allow you to customize how you appear when you’re presenting in Teams. Three new modes will be available soon, including a “Reporter” option that lets you place content above your shoulder as a visual aid, much like a news anchor during a TV segment.

Standout mode lets you float above content as a silhouette on top of a slide deck. And the third option, Side-by-side, displays your webcam feed alongside content you’re presenting. Standout will roll out this month, with Reporter and Side-by-side modes available soon.

New webinar experience

This means you will have three different types available in Teams (Meetings, Live Events and Webinars). This new feature supports a thousand interactive participants and up to 10,000 participants in view-only mode. Setting up a webinar is the same as creating a meeting and you can use the built-in registration page. You can adapt this page to your own taste or simply keep the standard layout.

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