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After obtaining our WatchGuard MFA technical certification, we are now very proud to have obtained the WatchGuard Gold Partner status. This mainly thanks to the knowledge of our skilled colleagues. They provide our customers with the best possible support regarding firewalls and MFA. Read more

Last week we took the time to thank our team and our partner Proximus for the past period during an after summer lunch with great catering by Foodtruck CDI. Read more

Boost your productivity and connectivity with a free supply of SIM cards

Free stock of sim cards
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Boost your productivity and connectivity with a free supply of SIM cards

Mobile number activation service at K-Force: faster, more efficient and more service. No queuing at K-Force and a personal follow-up of your requests.

Do you also want to benefit from this fast and free service? We can send you a pack of 10 spare SIM cards. This way you save a lot of time!

Your advantages

With a supply of SIM cards you enjoy faster service for:

  • Direct remote activation of the SIM card when you need it:
    • To provide (new) employees with a calling plan quickly.
    • Eg. for use with tablets, laptop or in the car.
    • Mobile internet (4G/5G) in case of internet problems (eg mobile hotspot).
    • eSIM is also an option. This is for use in the new generation of devices that no longer require a physical card.
  • Exchange of your SIM card in the event of a defect.
  • Bring your IoT (Internet of Things) devices quickly online.

Why work with K-Force?

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Our back office team ensures the proper follow-up of your requests and can always be reached at or 02 669 10 00. Would you like to schedule a meeting with an advisor to review your situation without any obligation? Schedule a meeting right away.

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