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Time to say goodbye: Microsoft retires Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 End of life
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Time to say goodbye: Microsoft retires Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will retire next year. Microsoft will permanently stop using the browser we have known since 1995 on June 15, 2022. The phase-out has already started in 2015 with the arrival of the new Microsoft Edge browser. What is the impact for you? Find out here.

What’s happening?

Support for Microsoft 365 and other apps will end as early as August 17, 2021, and then support will end completely by May 15, 2022. Microsoft wants to pave the way for Edge, which is faster, safer and more stable than Internet Explorer.

IE11 retirement timeline

At this moment already, the use of the old browser is no longer recommended. As of next year, further use will therefore become even less safe. If not already the case, you should replace Internet Explorer with an up-to-date browser such as Edge or Chrome immediately. For companies that use certain specific functionalities, a “legacy mode” will still be available, until at least 2029.

Do you surf via the cloud?

Then there is no problem. Because we constantly keep our environments up-to-date, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of updates. Our technical team works in silence on the continuous optimization and security of your environment.

You don’t surf via the cloud and you need help?

You can count on us. Our engineers are happy to help.
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A secure IT environment within your company has long ceased to be an unnecessary luxury. With the massive increase of teleworking, ensuring the secure environment of your remote employees has also become of great importance, as this is now one of the most common sources of infections. Our team of security experts can conduct a security audit to identify the weaknesses and the areas of improvement with respect to your security.

By working within our full cloud environment, these kinds of concerns are a thing of the past. We conduct a free analysis to see whether working in the cloud is a possibility for you and your company.

Do you use applications that only work in Internet Explorer 11?

Be sure to check whether there are any applications currently used within your company that only run with Internet Explorer 11. If this is the case, be sure to contact the supplier of this application so that they can provide a timely solution.


For more details, please visit Microsoft’s website, where the official announcement can be found.

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