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New intern at K-Force: Amaury

Quick updates

New intern at K-Force: Amaury

It is the period of internships, and that is not any different at K-Force. Currently (March – April 2023) we have two students reinforcing our team. One of them, Amaury, is working on an interesting project with his mentor Fabien. Curious? ? Then read on.

Amaury studies at Don Bosco Instituut in Halle, where he is currently in the sixth year of his Industrial ICT course.

K-Force has been exploring the further development of the possibilities of Power BI for its customers for a while now. For example, we want to gain more insights using all kinds of new dashboards to be able to better monitor the stability and security of our customer’s environments. Amaury explores the possibilities together with Fabien. He uses, among other things, a Raspberry PI he set up himself, APIs, Power BI and Power Automate to collect and visualize everything.

At the end of his internship, all colleagues get to see the end result. We are looking forward to it! Soon you will also read more about the internship of the other student, Luca.