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From a military career to K-Force: meet Didier

Didier K-Force Computer Solutions
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From a military career to K-Force: meet Didier

We are proud to announce the establishment of a new department, specifically aimed at supporting notaries with ICT and telecom. This sector is more than ever committed to digitalization, and the use of new technologies potentially yields enormous efficiency benefits. It is a specific sector with specific needs, where for example, the security of personal data is of paramount importance. That is why we consider it opportune to offer them the specific support they need. To this end, we recruited two new colleagues who join our team with a huge backpack filled with practical knowledge. With Jurgen and Didier, we welcome two fantastic colleagues with a key focus on notaries. Didier also focuses on embassies, where it is also very important to provide quality solutions.

Didier initially had a very different, but very interesting, professional background. With this interview you will discover how he ended up in the world of IT.

What did you do before you joined K-Force?

I started my professional life as an officer in the Belgian Navy. During my career I had the opportunity to sail aboard a frigate of the Belgian Navy. Afterwards I had the opportunity to hold various positions, mainly in the logistics field. I was also Project Officer during the functional analysis of the ILIAS ERP, which is still being used within the Belgian Armed Forces.

I was then promoted to senior officer and lead the supply division of the naval staff. In this position I specialized in NATO logistics and had the opportunity to participate in several NATO meetings.

I ended my military career as a liaison and public relations officer with SHAPE (NATO Operational Command) in Mons, where I had the opportunity to develop relationships between the SHAPE community and local municipal authorities.

As a liaisons officer, I needed a website for the SHAPE community and to inform neighboring towns about SHAPE’s activities. That is how I came into contact with e-Compass (the group to which Exemplis belongs). The website I developed then still exists:

During the 10 years that I worked for e-Compass, I participated in the implementation of the RNS/BNN for the notaries of Wallonia and Brussels, while at the same time taking care of the IT needs of many embassies in collaboration with Proximus. I still maintain very good contacts with the Proximus account managers who work with the embassies.

How did you end up at K-Force?

There is not much to explain: during the RNS/BNN period I worked in close colaboration with Jurgen (yes, our Jurgen). Jurgen recently started at K-Force, which is of course a good reference within the IT sector. Jurgen recently introduced me to Kurt and there was clear mutual interest.

What does your new job entail?

I work for the ”ICT & telecom notary & SME” department. When I visit a customer, I do a 360° review: I look at both their telephony and IT needs and where possible offer to clean up their systems. This is not always obvious, especially in embassies, despite their high need for qualitative solutions.

What is important to you in your job?

Human contact is very important to me and also the main reason to continue working with people after my military career. I would make the same career choices again in a next life!

And in your personal life?

Family is very important. I live in Beauvechain, near Leuven, with my wife, whom I have been married to for 25 years. Together we have 4 children and I became a grandfather for the first time in October 2022.

Do you have any hobbies?

I have always done a lot of sports and still do. I often go hiking, swimming and do fitness. I also like to read, especially if I can learn something. I am mainly interested in history, but sometimes I read a novel.


Welcome Didier!

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