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Does Copilot (aka “Microsoft’s AI”) still require an introduction? We think not. What is certainly useful, however, is examining what it can specifically mean for your company. And rest assured that there are already plenty of possibilities today. In this video, we let Copilot speak for itself. Read more

In this video, we share quick diagnosis tips that may help you resolve the issue on your own. Additionally, these tips assist you in answering the questions the support representative will ask to diagnose the problem. Read more

Beware of these types of emails! These do not originate from Microsoft and aim to find out your login details. So be sure not to click on them and delete them immediately. Read more

🕹️👻👾👻 We would like to introduce you to our job student Thomas. As you can see, he is a lover of classic games. Fortunately, he did not only play games. Curious? Read on ⏯️ Read more

Before summer BBQ 2023

Quick updates

Before summer BBQ 2023

We recently organized our “Before summer BBQ” ♨️
The ideal time for a status update. But especially to take a moment, outside the work environment, to socialise among colleagues.
As always, we remain standby this summer. For a lot of clients, this quieter period is a good time to tackle some (long-due) issues.
Can we help your organisation this summer to be completely ready for September? 💪
Your request is certainly welcome: https://k-force.be/contact/.

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