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Digital unburdening for Vanderlinden J. Design & Gravestones

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Digital unburdening for Vanderlinden J. Design & Gravestones

Vanderlinden J. in Alsemberg has been a loyal customer of K-Force for years. Just like they take care of their customers at Vanderlinden J. for both construction projects in natural stone as for personalized grave monuments, we provide them with peace of mind when it comes to their IT infrastructure.

With this in mind, we were asked to provide them with a better online visibility for the stonemasonry and the gravestone branch. Like many other business managers, Vanderlinden J. in Alsemberg is also quite busy running their business. Therefore they have no time left to manage their website (website texts, photos, maintenance, etc.).

We contacted a (copy)-writing agency specialized in this sector and a professional photographer to take on this project together.
In order for the funerary monuments section to be better found online, we suggested creating two separate websites, each with their own identity. Vanderlinden J. Design focuses on customization for high-quality construction products, whilst the gravestones require a very personal approach.

The requirements and our solutions

The customer had no copy, nor (professional) photos available. Guidance was also needed in determining the concept, tree structure, etc.
We proposed a tree structure, directly linked to what the project would look like. We coordinated between our developers, the client, the writing agency and the photographer so that there was already a minimum of content to get started. Thanks to this combination, we were able to provide content that is optimal both technically and for Google.
The client wanted to have more attention drawn to the section of funerary monuments.
We created a separate website for the gravestones section. The tone of voice for this part also had to be different (personal, serene). The writing agency was also briefed as such. Technically, both websites were built in the same manner, making it more cost-efficient, both in terms of the set-up and the maintenance.
The website had to be stable, secure and (cost) efficient to maintain.
We chose for a high-quality and fast hosting, with security and backup measures in place. In addition, both websites automatically receive security updates and patches. Because they were built in the same way, maintenance and adding new content can be done more efficiently.
The customer needed more than just an 'empty' website.
Due to our close collaboration with the customer, the writing agency, the photographer, and our advisory role, we were able to deliver websites with both professional content and partially professional photos in a relatively short period of time. Formulas were proposed to be able to quickly enrich the content in the future, by means of blog articles. Adding more photo material as more material becomes available, is also a piece of cake. We have also revised the Google My Business and the Facebook page and provided a separate GMB page for the gravestones branch.
Given the location of the company, it was important to have content available in both Dutch and French.
The writing agency collaborated with a professional translation agency for this. This allowed us to bring correct and professional content online in one go upon delivery.
Thanks to this project, we were able to greatly improve the customer's online visibility in the short term. In addition, there is a lot of potential to efficiently add valuable content in the future.

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