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K-Force has been voted IT Partner of the Year consecutively for the past two years and we are very proud of this. Do you want to continue this success with us? Due to the increasing demand for stable and reliable cloud solutions, K-Force is looking for an extra inside sales representative and a 1st line helpdesk employee. Read more

In addition to setting up a department specifically aimed at notaries, we are also taking an important step with our technical service. We are delighted to welcome our new colleague Shaun. Read more

Get to know our colleague Shaun

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Get to know our colleague Shaun

In addition to setting up a department specifically aimed at notaries, we are also taking an important step with our technical service. We are delighted to welcome our new colleague Shaun. Among other things, he will further expand our helpdesk in the field of processes and flows. With this short interview you will learn more about it and get to know him a little better.

What did you do before you joined K-Force?

I was an operations manager at a competitor and I worked as a team leader at Audi Brussels. Even before that I was generic process manager & change manager for Daikin, Engie Belux and ISS, among others. My experience includes implementing cloud-based ITSM platforms (IT Service Management, e.g. 4ME). These are platforms for enterprise service management. An example is linking HR with IT or facility services. I have also specialized in setting up processes and (workflow) automatization, providing training, organizing and participating in audits, etc.

How did you end up at K-Force?

As soon as I saw the vacancy, it really appealed to me. I wanted to do something that I feel 100% good about and where I can add value again. This is mainly due to some of the characteristics of the K-Force DNA: transparency, respect for each other and teamwork. So I deliberately opted for a smaller structure where I can contribute something positive to the whole.

What does your new job entail?

As team leader of the technical team, my focus is on people management and optimization of processes and the general organization. The intention is to help our customers even more efficiently and better. We will also be fully committed to knowledge sharing and further automatization. My professional experience will certainly be an added value here.

What is important to you in your job?

As I said before, respect, teamwork and transparency are extremely important values to me. So I attach great importance to the human aspect. Like many others, I learned during Covid that being able to come to work has many benefits. Often it is just much more efficient and pleasant to be able to discuss things in person or to work on something together. I also noticed that I became somewhat isolated during that period, so I am very happy with this opportunity where human contact is and remains very important.

Just started and already “on top of things”. Welcome Shaun!


Shaun lives in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, near Zaventem with his girlfriend, dog and cat. And no, they’re not at each other’s throats all the time. ? He adopted the dog, an English cocker, from a breeding farm. There was an instant click and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Both he and his girlfriend share the passion for music. They have a large collection of CDs, vinyl records and even tapes. As you can see, having music on a physical carrier is of paramount importance to them. After all, it is and remains a completely different experience than simply streaming a song on Spotify.

By extension, he can often be found at concerts. He not only likes to listen to music, he also makes music himself: he mainly plays guitar, but also sings, plays bass, drums and also some synthesizer.


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