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EP Equipment & K-Force: let’s grow together

EP Equipment new location

EP Equipment & K-Force: let’s grow together

A few years after onboarding our client EP Equipment, we had the opportunity to help them move to their brand-new location in Huizingen. How did that go and what does EP do? You can read it here.

Designing products that simply work

EP Equipment is one of the largest manufacturers of electric forklifts in the world. For every application and industry, they offer a wide range of machines to meet the needs of operators in warehouses and distribution centres. They are particularly strong in lithium-powered warehouse equipment, going from product development and manufacturing to after-sales support.

Good choices from the start

A big job, and therefore a lot of responsibility to their customers. That is why it has always been important that their central IT systems are stable and secure. From the very beginning, they chose a cloud solution with centralized maintenance and support from K-Force. We previously made a nice testimonial about this (watch it here).

It turns out once again that this was a good choice. Because in the meantime, they have experienced strong growth. EP’s cloud environment has grown along as more employees and therefore more resources were needed. Our technical team has always taken care of this, without any disruptions for the customer.

Let’s move together

This growth resulted in the original three locations in Dworp, Huizingen and Lembeek becoming too small. Hence the move to one central location in Huizingen. There they have more floor space (around 5200 square meters) and both stock and repair service are now centralised. Plenty of room for further growth! With a Proximus fiber optic internet line with 4G backup, they remain online continuously at lightning speed. The move to the new location went very smoothly, partly thanks to the choice of a cloud IT solution. No physical servers had to be moved, for instance. And thanks to VoIP telephony via Microsoft Teams, the whole organisation remained accessible during the move. With K-Force as a partner for both IT and connectivity, everything was prepared, planned and executed from A to Z in consultation with the customer.

EP Equipment’s tagline therefore fits well with our partnership: “Let’s grow together”. We wish EP Equipment every success at their new location!

K-Force present at the opening

We were delighted when we received an invitation to the official opening. EP Equipment’s dedicated technical and commercial contacts at K-Force, Geert and Jordan, were eager to come take a look.

Watch the video

Find out more about EP Equipment on their website: https://ep-equipment.com/.

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