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Internal server or the cloud? At Bang & Olufsen Spelier they hesitated for a while, but they have not regretted their choice for the cloud for a moment. With Modern Workplace they have the flexibility they have always been looking for. Manager Bart Spelier and Sales Consultant Sven Wittebols explain. Read more

You often hear and see it amongst entrepreneurs: their company is growing (too) fast, which means that not everything runs smoothly, in many areas. Fortunately, we can reassure you because with our full cloud solution you avoid many of these growing pains. The case of our customer Brioval is a good example, which we are happy to share with you. Read more

The cloud is on the rise at EP Equipment

EP Equipment lithium-powered warehouse equipment

The cloud is on the rise at EP Equipment

EP Equipment, a company that designs, manufactures and sells warehouse equipment worldwide, urgently needed to optimize its IT systems. K-Force offered them an efficient solution in the cloud.

Working more efficiently: solution needed

“Previously, all our systems were local: we worked with a local NAS server that managed different software from different computers. This entailed a lot of follow-up and maintenance – and therefore extra work. In addition, there was also a limited storage capacity. So we were urgently looking for an efficient solution,” said Lynn Smith, DC Operations Manager at EP Equipment.

Customized solution thanks to thorough analysis

“The main aim was to make our IT operations much more efficient,” adds François De Tandt, Chief Financial Officer. “After a thorough analysis of our local and international operations, expansion plans and other needs, a definitive tailor-made solution was quickly chosen. That solution was first thoroughly tested and then efficiently implemented. The latter in particular was very important to us: neither our customers nor our own people noticed anything about the transfer.”

Benefits of the cloud

“Right after the migration, the benefits became clear to us immediately.

  1. The solution is accessible: our employees can log in anywhere. At home, at the office, abroad or at a dealer: you can work anywhere.
  2. It’s safe. Third parties do not have access to the cloud. In addition, backups are taken daily, so we will certainly never lose any information.
  3. For all IT problems, we can always contact our partner K-Force, who centralizes everything.
  4. It is a very fast and stable environment, which makes effective working easier.
  5. Our communication with Microsoft Teams is also fully integrated, so that we are fully accessible both internally and externally. That is always an advantage, especially during the corona period.
  6. Maintenance is no longer local, but in the hands of K-Force. We don’t have to worry about that anymore.
  7. We know the monthly fixed cost, so there are no unpleasant surprises in financial terms.”


“We haven’t regretted our move to the cloud for a second,” said Lynn and François. “It is simple, safe and allows us to work even more efficiently. Thanks to the customer service that is always available, we also know exactly where to go with any questions. A dream solution!”

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