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The dream team Amacro, K-Force and ClearMedia

Amacro & K-Force

The dream team Amacro, K-Force and ClearMedia

Amacro and K-Force have been loyal partners for several years. ClearMedia offers K-Force the necessary IT support and guidance to enable the colleagues at Amacro to focus on their core tasks: ground and demolition works, recycling, sorting and rental of waste containers. We gave the floor to Site Manager of Amacro Tom De Weerdt, Technical Manager of K-Force Fabien Meersman and Sales Manager of K-Force Kaj Van Langendonck.

Tom De Weerdt about the challenges for Amacro

“In the beginning, recycling was the main business activity of Amacro, but a container service, concrete plant, sorting center and breaking yard quickly followed. Six years ago we also added the  building materials branch. It then quickly became clear that we needed a second location and one was built. In the meantime, we have a total of about 100 employees, spread over different companies in Belgium.”

SME in the Cloud and WatchGuard

“At a certain point we needed a partner who could take over our IT. That’s how we ended up at K-Force. In that collaboration we got to know the SME in the Cloud solution and we were quickly convinced of its added value. This allowed us to keep our cost structure stable: we got rid of the outdated and expensive servers and the need for constant updates. A big load fell off our shoulders. In addition, this flexible solution allows us to easily create accounts during busy periods, so that our temporary employees can also immediately start working in the cloud. That feels good, and “it’s also a lot safer.”

“To guarantee that safety, we work together with WatchGuard as advised by K-Force. We found a lot of interesting information about this party and have every confidence in its safety. The most important thing for us is not to get hacked.”

The collaboration with K-Force

“We got to know K-Force through our collaboration with Proximus. That contact went very well: follow-up was flawless, all technical matters were completely covered and they were very easily accessible. In addition, we were no longer in sync with our current IT partner. Therefore two years ago we decided to work with K-Force and we have not regretted that for a second. We have complete confidence in the expertise of the team.”

Kaj Van Langendonck about K-Force

“At K-force we started from pure IT within a transactional model. More concretely this means: a customer came to K-Force, asking questions about IT issues they were experiencing and we would offer a solution to answer that specific need. In the meantime however, our model has developed from a transactional to a recurrent model: we now offer a total solution with a recurring character and monthly invoicing. We have had a strategic partnership with Proximus and ClearMedia for five years now and have evolved from a pure IT partner to an all-round partner. Concretely this means that we now provide our customers with end to end solutions ranging from telecom to IT in the broadest sense of the word.

The competitive advantage

“It is precisely because we can respond to customers correctly and quickly that we distinguish ourselves from the competition.” We take our responsibility and bring peace of mind to customers in small and large IT environments, from four up to a hundred employees. That number can be larger, but generally that is our playing field.”

About SME in the Cloud

“Within our team we have chosen to offer SME’s in the Cloud to our customers. It is truly a top product for customers that are looking for a peace of mind solution in terms of security, efficiency and user-friendliness. In addition, as Tom already indicated, employees are up and running in their new cloud environment within minutes. Their configurations, programs and settings all remain the same, so they do not waste time learning new features. We can also easily and instantly remove users that leave the company. Where companies used to have to make sudden large investments for servers and UPS’s, they now have a perfect control over their IT budgets as they know exactly what their monthly recurring costs will be.”

About WatchGuard

“WatchGuard is our flagship firewall product and we are very satisfied with it. WatchGuard is highly rated for safety. And rightly so: it is the best product on the market. WatchGuard is easy to use for IT users, securing web browsers, networks and much more. In short, thanks to WatchGuard we can offer a total security package to our customers.”

“ClearMedia sets up our IT environments as a cloud partner. They are also specialists with respect to the different WatchGuard solutions and have deep specialist knowledge. We always receive advice and they keep us informed of new developments in the sector. Thanks to their guidance, we are ready for the future.

Fabien Meersman of K-Force about the collaboration with ClearMedia

“The collaboration between K-Force and ClearMedia is going very smoothly. They have now been our strategic partner for five years and we are very satisfied with the collaboration. ClearMedia distributes the cloud products that we offer to our customers. We share the same values: The ClearMedia- team, like us, is reactive, easily accessible, local and offers full support from A to Z. Even if there are problems in the middle of the night, they guarantee service and support for us and our customers. They manage warehouses themselves which again is an  added value for our customers.

“And whether that partnership is fun? absolutely! ClearMedia regularly organizes team events. For example, we went karting together and I think they are still brooding for revenge after we thrashed them …” (laughs)

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